Introducing Docker Starter 2.0

For this first article of the year 2020 on our blog, we wanted to wish you all the best for this coming year! ✨

Six months ago we released our docker-starter. This is a starter-kit for our projects based on Docker, PHP and Nginx.

Since then, we have enhanced the project a lot. Here is a small recap:

  • The project migrated from Traefik 1.0 to Traefik 2.0
  • Many projects can now run at the same time (we re-use a project’s router if it’s already started)
  • We have enhanced the DX:
    • Renamed few “end user” variables
    • The developer settings in containers are saved. Bash history is also preserved
    • Added more documentation in the fabfile
    • Added support for running a command in a custom directory
    • Added support for port mapping on run
  • Added experimental support for Docker for Windows
  • Added a README.dist.md to separate the documentation of the starter kit and the one you should have on your new project
  • Added native support for workers

We also added many cookbooks to go further with our starter:

  • How to use with Symfony
  • How to add Elasticsearch and Kibana
  • How to add RabbitMQ and its dashboard
  • How to add Redis and its dashboard
  • How to add Maildev
  • How to add support for crons
  • How to run workers
  • How to access a container via a custom hostname from another container

We created a demo branch where we have plugged many services inside a Symfony application. We let you discover the pull request that summarizes everything.

We hope you will like this new release (v2.0.0).

The next big thing should be the migration to Python 3 (as the version 2 is not maintained anymore) and Fabric 2. We are already working on it. 💪

Happy coding with docker-starter!

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