Introducing Secret Santa for Webex by Cisco

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A new way to spread joy in the hybrid work experience 🎅

The holiday season is here, and we know how challenging it can be to celebrate with your coworkers. That’s why we are excited to announce the launch of Secret Santa for Webex, a fun and easy way to run a Secret Santa with your team, no matter where they are.

Section intitulée a-free-application-for-allA free application for all

Secret Santa for Webex is a free application – no account needed except Webex – that you can install from the Webex App Hub. It allows you to create a Secret Santa group with your coworkers, and let our secret algorithm randomly assign and notify each participant of their gift recipient.

You are free to set a budget, a deadline, and a delivery method for your gifts – it even allows to add gift hint to each participant to help finding the perfect gift.

Secret Santa for Webex

Section intitulée how-to-useHow to use

To use Secret Santa for Webex, you only need a Webex account (free or paid), and the willingness to share some joy with your team 😋

You can invite anyone from your organization. You can also create multiple Secret Santa groups, if you want to include different teams or circles of friends.

Start a Secret Santa here!

Section intitulée the-developer-experienceThe developer experience

We also want to share how nice the developer experience was. Cisco is really doing great to help the community, and the tools, documentation are of great quality.

We found the Webex APIs and SDKs very easy to use and well-documented. We also appreciated the support and feedback from the Webex team and the developer community. There is a whole developer portal with examples and guides to get you started.

You can see how simple the implementation is with the following Pull Request – as Secret Santa is an open-source project based on Symfony.

Section intitulée final-wordFinal word

We are proud to deliver this kind of integration that fosters a sense of community and belonging among Webex users. We hope you will enjoy using Secret Santa for Webex as much as we enjoyed creating it.

Happy holidays!

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