SymfonyCon Brussels 2023

7 et 8 décembre 2023

SymfonyCon Brussels 2023, the annual International Symfony conference!

Nos conférences

From 0 to master the translation of your app

Par Mathieu Santostefano

In this workshop you will learn how to properly implement the translation of the UI of your application, using the Translation component of Symfony.

First we will create a demo app to overview simple cases of translation (static texts, input labels, error messages, etc).

Then, we will improve the translation workflow to be able to work with translators, using Translation Providers.

We will cover some particular cases for multiple locales and domains applications.

The frontend won’t be forgotten, we will see how to use Symfony UX Translation to bring translations into dymanic frontend pages.

Finally, we will see the best practices to put all of it on production, with a near real-time synchronization of your translations.

Strings usage: so many tools are already in your hands!

Par Marion Hurteau

Playing with strings is probably the first thing you did when becoming a developer. But do you know what is hidden behind these graphemes on your screen? What does “grapheme” even mean, you might ask!

If you’re a bit confused about concepts like charsets, collations, or Unicode – and don’t worry, I was too – then this talk is for you!

From theory to practice, we’ll then dive into the String component, which relies on those concepts, and see it in action with concrete examples!

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