SymfonyWorld Online Summer Edition 2021

17 et 18 juin 2021

La conférence en ligne de l’été pour toute la sphère Symfony mondiale !

Nos conférences

Feedback on our use of Varnish

Par Bastien Jaillot

On a large French e-commerce site, we use Varnish as HTTP cache.

We use it for the API as well as for the HTML front ends.

We use ESI, with user-context-hashes allowing us to do authenticated caching. We mix invalidation by tags but also by ttl.

This is a feedback to explain the choices we had to make, how we use it, what it brings us.

We’ll also answer a lot of questions that people have about HTTP caching in practice.

You need an AutoMapper, but you don’t know it yet!

Par Baptiste Leduc

It is quite common for a developer to have to map data. In the long run, this kind of code is boring to write. Why not generate it automatically? This is the promise that AutoMapper tries to solve: generating the code needed to map one data to another (array, class, etc.)

Through this talk, we will first see the Symfony Serializer and how it works.

Then, we will discover how AutoMapper takes advantage of the Serializer ecosystem while revolutionizing the Normalizer concept by adding code generation, thus drastically boosting performance!

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