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Jane v5.3: Performances, Authentication & OpenAPI 2!

23 janvier 2020. Two months after v5.2 and four months after v5.0, we are releasing v5.3 with focus on three things: Performance Before, generating a really big OpenAPI schema was very long. We even had issues where the generation took more than 40 minutes! Thanks to @lyrixx & @bastnic who took time to dig into Jane’s generation process and turned those 40 minutes into just 20 seconds! We also deprecated the NormalizerFactory replaced by JaneObjectNormalizer which will load needed Normalizers only when needed. This change can have a really huge impact on schemas with a lot of models (In the related PR, with 509 Normalizers we go from 57ms to 3.5ms during class autoload). You can see more details into the… Lire la suite

Battle log: a deep dive in Symfony stack in search of optimizations 2/n

22 janvier 2020. This article is the second in a series that explains what we learned and how we discovered new performance improvements. It’s focused on the dev environment. The first article guides us through multiple new optimizations for the prod environment. You should definitely read it fir… Lire la suite

Battle log: a deep dive in Symfony stack in search of optimizations 1/n

20 janvier 2020. My team and I are working on a big project that is becoming bigger and bigger. Split in micro services, each end-user call generates an increasing number of HTTP API calls. Performance was becoming a problem and the Developer eXperience (DX) suffered as a result. Note that we alr… Lire la suite

Introducing Docker Starter 2.0

8 janvier 2020. For this first article of the year 2020 on our blog, we wanted to wish you all the best for this coming year! ✨ Six months ago we released our docker-starter. This is a starter-kit for our projects based on Docker, PHP and Nginx. Since then, we have enhanced the pro… Lire la suite

UUID generation in PHP

29 novembre 2019. We have been using UUID for years and different ways to generate UUID exist. I prefer the PECL extension over the ramsey/uuid because it’s simpler and more straightforward. Few weeks ago, with Nicolas Grekas we had the idea to port the PECL extension to plain PHP as a Symfony… Lire la suite


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